Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mushy blog about my sister's wedding.

My sister got married two weekends ago.  Everyone is THRILLED!  The wedding was great.

Big events like weddings get people thinking about big picture life things.  I did not write a toast for my sister’s wedding.  Some people did, but in all the hoopla, we forgot to have people give their toasts.  So, since then I have been thinking about what kind of toast I would give if I gave one.  Several people offered to toast my sister’s wedding, so she asked me if I had a toast ready and if I would be hurt to not give one.   I said, “No, but give me 30 minutes notice and I will have one if you need one.”  I am glad she didn’t take me up on that.  I am a good public speaker and I like to make things up on the fly, but a wedding toast is a big deal and I wouldn’t have done my best in 30 minutes.
I think I would have done something about how we are generally opposites, but that is what makes us get along so well.  Once I started thinking about it, our differences started cracking me up.  One would think that since we are close in age, grew up during the same general time, and have the same parents and family, we would be similar.  Here are the ways that is not the case.

My sister
I have puffy brown hair.  My sister has chased after me with a straightening iron in the past, and when she got done with me, I looked like I had the fattest head ever.
My sister has sleek read hair.  I always wanted red hair, but instead I was blessed with 3 red haired children.  Even when my sister’s hair curls up, it is in cute cascading ringlets.
I am not an outdoorsman.  I enjoy time outside in small amounts, but allergies and heat and bugs force me back inside before too long.
My sister hikes and camps and loves it.
I am short and stout.
My sister is tall and lean.
I love to wear colors and loud obnoxious patterns.  When I was introduced at the wedding the description of me was something like, fashionista to the color blind.  That fits perfectly.
My sister LOVES black V neck t-shirts.  For my sister’s bachelorette party, it was suggested that we wear something that is totally her.  I could only find a necklace that she had made me.  Three people showed up in jeans and black V neck t-shirts.  Their outfits were perfect.  I don’t own a single shirt that fit the criteria.

When we were kids, we would fight all the time.  Then, once when we were teens, she was going to the kitchen to get a drink and I asked her to get me one too.  I think I probably asked mostly to start a fight, but instead of fighting with me, she said ok and got me a drink.  This really made me think.  If she could do something nice for me, maybe I could do something nice for her.  Magically, ever since then, we have gotten along.  I think part of that is due to our differences.
These differences were really obvious as my sister planned her wedding.  It seemed like every decision that was made was the opposite of the decision I would have made.  The nice thing was that it was her wedding and not mine.  So, it was wonderful to just jump on whatever decision she made, and help make it a reality.  The result was amazing.  The ceremony was at her church and only the people closely connected to the wedding party were there.  This made it way easier to do pictures without having everyone wait around forever.  The reception was at the camp where my sister and her groom met.  This made it really special for them, and they put a lot of effort into making it amazing for everyone else.  There were hay rides, a s’more station, hammock gathering, games, break dancing, and strawberry shortcake.  There was some bad weather, but that lead to a lovely time of dancing in the rain and Dess ran through the puddles barefoot yelling, “I am so happy!”.  The whole event was amazing.
After writing all this, I realize we also have some similarities.
  •        We both have great leadership skills.
  •        We are both stubborn.
  •        We are both hilarious.
  •        We are both independent.
  •        We are both caring and helpful.  Ok, she is more caring and helpful than I am, but I am working on it.
  •        We are both creative and like to make things.  Although, when I make things, I like to use color and craziness, she likes to use detail and skill.

I guess I would end the toast with, “I am so blessed to have such a wonderful sister and that she has found someone to spend her life with.  I love you both so much”

Can anyone else think of ways we are alike or different?  Are you similar to your siblings?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Detroit Scavenger Hunt

My sister is getting married and we are all thrilled.  Along with a wedding comes tons of auxiliary parties.  There are showers and bachelorette parties and pampering events.  This last weekend we did the bachelorette party and a scavenger hunt in Detroit was requested.  I have never been on a professionally organized scavenger hunt, but TV tells me there is a lot of human interaction involved.  Like maybe you would take a picture of yourself kissing a bald man.  Or you would have to just wander the city looking for an old timey spinning wheel.  That might work some places, but since we would be in Detroit, I wanted to avoid talking to strangers and aimlessly wandering the city.  I am really pleased with how the scavenger turned out.  I will put the map, clues, and activities in this blog, and maybe I will put the answers in the comments or in another blog.  That way, if you want to lead your own scavenger hunt, you can OR if you want to join me in recreating the fun with another group, we can do that too and there won't be a bunch of spoilers.  To be completely truthful, nobody had any problem figuring out the clues.
Double click on the map to get a better look at all the locations.

Instructions: Below are clues to interesting sites around the city of Detroit.  As we walk around the city, the first person to figure out the clue for that area gets a point.  (Since this was a bachelorette party, we used penis drink stirrers as points.  That way we didn't have to keep track on paper.  Whoever had the most penises won.)   Once we figure out what we are looking for, we will NEED to take a mob selfie with it (mobfie) to document that we are having the time of our LIVES!  If you have a really big group like we did, it is easier to have the person who figured out the clue take the picture.  That way there are several pictures and no one is left out of all of them.  As we hunt about for the specific locations, there are also a few bonus finds and some bonus tasks that can also earn you points.   We will total up the points at dinner and see who deserves a prize.

We started at the Wheelhouse Detroit.  Thinking back, it probably would have been smarter to rent bikes for our adventures, but it still worked out well with just getting ice cream there and scavenging around on foot.

1.  Where "You spin me right round, baby, Right round like a record, baby, Right round round round" meets "Under the sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter, Take it from me"

2.  "You're a grand old flag you’re a high flying flag in forever in peace may you wave"  oh wait, no, "Oh Canada…" 

3.  "There's a picture opposite me, Of my primitive ancestry, Which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free, Though I respect that a lot, I'd be fired if that were my job, After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts, Bluebird of friendliness, Like guardian angels its always near "

BONUS POINT:  Anyone willing to run through the fountains gets a point!  Double points if you are wearing white pants and a brightly colored thong.
4.  "get a room" When Amy and Jerod want a romantic getaway they want the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere.

5.  "I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it"  A great way to get around the city, if all you want to do is go around and around. 

6.  I have spirit yes I do, I have spirit how bout you? 

7.  It's old, It's famous, and it sells hot dogs.  Hint hint, Amy prefers her hot dogs to be very patriotic. 

BONUS POINT:  Anyone willing to taste a classic Detroit coney dog complete with chili, mustard and onions gets a point.  Double points if you get a coneys from both coney islands and taste test the two. 

BONUS POINT:  Anyone willing to be recorded eating the coney dog while saying "I like to put wieners in my mouth" gets a point.

8.  You gotta know when to hold um, know when to fold um, know when to walk away, know when to run.  You never count your money, when you're sitting at the table.  There will be time enough for counting, when the dealings done. 

9.  Where Hanging Tough meets Good Vibrations. 

BONUS POINT: Anyone willing to make a video of singing or dancing to a New Kids on the Block  or Marky  Mark and the Funky Bunch song gets a point.  Negative point if anyone says they don't know who NKOTB or Marky Mark is.


10.  Amy knows that the only thing better than jungle rules volleyball is beach volleyball.

11.  Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.  Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, life is but a dream. 

12.  Is it a bus or is it a train?  The city may never know. 

13.  We all know Amy is an amazing artist.  Some artists use the city itself as a canvas.

14.  "Say nice things about Detroit"  "Detroit vs. Everyone" There are tons of fun sayings about Detroit.  See if you can spot one.