Monday, August 22, 2016

Ever Vigilant of People Falling in Love With Me.

I am new to binge watching shows.  We just got Netflix streaming to watch the Bill Murray Christmas Special (totally worth it) and when I found I could watch shows on my phone while I am doing the dishes and the kids are watching boring things on the TV, I was hooked.

I have been binge watching The Office and Gilmore Girls.  I watch it when I do the laundry, or go on the treadmill, or do the dishes, or drive to work.  (just kidding, I don't watch and drive, although that would be awesome)  I have learned that the trouble with binge watching shows, is that you get sucked into them and then you kind of feel like you are in that world.  Does this happen for everyone?  It makes me think I better be careful before I binge watch the Sopranos or Orange is the new black.  Anyway, this is not a problem when I watch The Office, because that world is very similar to my world.  I pick a person who is me, Jim, and then that world and my world are very similar.  We are both hilarious and we both work in an office with crazy people.

Gilmore Girls is causing me a bigger problem.  Loralai and Rory are very similar, so I have decided that I am a combo of the two.  Then, the plots of the shows are a mix of every man they meet falling in love with them and not getting along with their parents/grandparents.  I saw my parents this weekend and as much as I tried to get them to judge my life choices of 16 years ago, they were delightful and did no such thing.  They didn't try to manipulate me or get mad for arbitrary reasons.  They also get most of my jokes.  So obviously that part didn't match up.  This must mean that the part about every man I meet being in love with me is extra true.  I must be constantly vigilant that everyone I meet has fallen in love with me because of my quirky personality, my witty banter, and my love of junk food.  I can't read a book in front of anyone or listen to cool music because then they will extra fall in love with me.  It is fine to go through life with everyone being in love with me.  Everyone knows that Jess is the best boyfriend on Gilmore Girls and he shares many of his too smart, antisocial, bad boy characteristic with my husband, so that is a good fit.  The part that I have to be vigilant about is my admirers trying to lock eyes with me and then pulling me into passionate kisses.  This has not happened to me yet, but I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls this weekend and it happened to them a ton.  SO, I better be prepared. 

What do you think the best plan is to fend off all these passionate embraces?

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